Ways to Get Extra Money by Selling Diamonds

I was desperately in need of cash:

My mum had met with a terrible accident and there was nothing I would not do to save her from the clutches of death, after Dad died fighting in a battalion, mum had single handedly looked after the family; three sisters and me. I was working as a general doctor at the area hospital and I had already pooled in my entire savings along with my sisters but still the treatment was only mid way.

I started to go into an overdrive. I remembered that mum had a few diamonds in the bank safe. It helped that I held the account jointly with her. I rushed to the bank and after speaking to the bank manager, I initialized the procedure to be able to pick up the diamonds from the safe in order that I could sell them and be able to make out enough to be able to afford mum’s treatment,

Kindness galore:

The bank manager was very kind and with his support I was able to set the ball rolling. The next day itself I received a call from the bank asking me to come and collect the diamonds. So, I went and what do I see? A handful of the crystal clear diamonds! I was surprised. I thank my stars that mum had prudently saved them for a day like this.

I went straight to a pawn broker with them!

But, I so regret the move because he was offering me peanuts for the diamond. They looked like they had belonged to royalty once.

I also went to big jewellery store that also disappointed me. I decided to log on to internet for help. I clicked on this site and it said that they helped people sell diamonds. I mailed them and I got a prompt reply. Something in their approach impressed me. I gave them the diamonds which they accepted with a due letter of consent and insurance. And I must say that the price that they paid me to sell diamonds to them far exceeded my expectation. I am so glad I decided to go to them. I am happy to share that mum’s treatment was a success and she is on the path to recovery.