Items To Help You Breastfeed Stress-Free

When the new bundle of joy arrives, a mother is beyond thrilled to see the little one with her eyes. She has been waiting for months to hold the child in her arms and that moment is just magical.

Along with this ecstasy come the tiredness, postpartum depression and the breast feeding woes. While medicines and therapy can help with depression and the tiredness, there are better ways to handle the feeding woes.

Here are a few must haves to help you breast feed without any stress:

A Feeding Pillow

Feeding a baby can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. The frequency will also be high initially. Sitting in the same position can strain your arms and back. A feeding pillow can ease the pain as the pillow will take the weight of the baby and prevent you from hunching over.

A Feeding Apron

Yes breast feeding is the way of nature but we do have a number of people creating issues all over the world. Even if it does not affect you, having a feeding apron handy can reduce the anxiety of how people around you will react, if you were going to breast feed right then and there.


Feeding bottles are a great blessing when you have to pump the milk and feed the baby. This will allow you to move away from the baby and still ensure the child is given only your breast milk. Get a few bottles as they have to be sterilized before every use and sterilization takes a lot of time.

Bottle Warmer

These are a great blessing as they help to keep the milk warm and in a temperature suitable for your child. You can get the best bottle warmer here and ensure the milk is never too cold even in winter. Also, babies cannot be fed cold milk. These warmers reduce your need to go and warm the milk every time.