Guide To The Perfect LV

Each time you step out with an LV bag, everyone around knows you have arrived. A  brand that speaks for itself, you know you can never go wrong with an LV.

If you are looking at a guide that helps you choose the right LV bag, you have come to the right place. You don’t want to invest in an LV and then not use it, right?

So here are some of the most popular LV bags. I’m loving these LV bags and I’m sure you will love them too. Check them out:

The Neverfull

This is an all time favorite that possibly lists as one of the top buys in the LV collection. A perfect bag with high utility, where you can throw in anything and everything and it will actually never be full! Just having this bag on your arm or shoulder adds oodles of class to your looks. A perfect bag to step out casually or when on the go.

The Speedy

It is an ideal bag that suits the younger lot along with the older ones. It is also comparatively easy on the pockets and so definitely a favorite among all. With a perfect blend of a crossbody style strap and a duffle bag finish, it serves as a versatile bag. Its make is such that it fits the body perfectly and as naturally as the skin itself. Available in monogrammed versions along with other options.

The Noe

When in search of something slightly fancy, you can go for this all time hit classic. The Noe with its bucket-like shape and drawstrings have made it an easy to use fancy bag. It can easily be slung on the arm and the hands remain free. A practical bag, this is available as a monogrammed version as well as a Damier canvas as well.