Do’s And Don’ts’s With Patterned Fabric

Do’s And Don’ts’s With Patterned Fabric

People cover their windows not only for weatherproofing the house, managing the sunlight and for privacy but also for decorative purposes. Curtains, Venetian blinds, window shutters and shades of various types are used to serve this purpose. Each covering has its own charm and its own place. The most common one to be used though is curtains.

It is a no brainer that curtains can transform a room. And yet people always go horribly wrong with thepoor choice of curtains which includes the texture, the pattern, the material and the way it is draped around the window. You might even end up feeling claustrophobic if the curtains are unduly heavy and loud.

Patterned fabrics for the curtains are a great way to dress up your rooms and give a character to the place. Patterned fabric can, in fact, be also used to drape parts of furniture like in cushions or even a complete sofa. You can even cover movable screens with these fabrics.

While working with fabrics you must always keep the scale of the pattern in mind. For example, small floral patterns make a small room look more spacious than it actually is while large scale geometric designs have the opposite effect. The length of the curtains plays a major role in deciding the final look.

Besides the designs, you must also give importance to the color undertones. The same color can range from warm and pleasant to out right garish if care is not taken. Always keep in mind that pastels and primary colors are hard to mix hence stick to the same hues for that complete look.

For a sophisticated, unique and cohesive look, it is not necessary that everything matches but it is important that everything goes together which includes the flowers, books and other furniture in the room. Just ensure that you are not crowding too many patterned pieces together.