Criteria For Parkour Shoes

There are many parkour shoes available in the market but they differ in their features and quality. It is very essential to pick the right shoes so that you have a good experience with parkour activities. Anybody who picked the perfect pair had a great parkour session with these shoes. Certain criteria that should be kept in mind while finalizing a pair of parkour shoes are the following:

  • Make sure that the shoe does not weigh much. Prefer a light weighted pair because you might run throughout the day so with less weight you will be able to train for a longer duration. Also, you can move more freely with lesser weight.
  • Do not go for shoes with a thick sole because they usually lack sensitivity between the surface and your feet. But with thinner soles, you can actually get the feeling of impact of landings. Also, due to a thin sole, you follow the correct technique which protects you from getting injured.
  • A one piece sole shoe is very effective because they have no chances to tear away like other soles which are usually glued all together.
  • While choosing a shoe, prefer arches because they act as a safety mechanism during landings. But do not pick the shoes with arches made up of hard plastic since you can slip while trying to climb. Also, you can slip off while trying landing on a metal rail due to the arch made up of plastic.
  • Check for compounds that are soft since they provide better grip but the only problem is that they wear down fast. A rubber sole is long lasting although its grip may not be very effective.
  • Do not go for an expensive pair of shoes if you train a lot because in any case it will wear out soon. Thus, better to pick shoes which have reasonable price.