Velcro Patches for Identifying Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs

The hook and loop patches of Velcro found on mutts these days are very useful in alerting people around to allow the canine mammal to do its job without any distraction or interruption.  These Velcro dog patches act as identification of a mutt’s job and service. They come in different sizes and shapes too. Sometimes they are detachable or can be sewn into the vest, or attached to the harness. They come in reflective colours too where high alert is required.

The Velcro patches on our 4-legged friends are the best way of knowing whether they are on duty or not. There is a wide array of good quality Velcro patches and sew-in patches available with us. It is very important to not resort to false identification patches for your pet to portray him/ her as a service or a therapy dog.

A service dog is one which acts as a guide and has been trained to perform and help any disabilities of their owners or other dogs. It is an assistance animal with formal training.

A therapy dog is one which acts as a companion performing some special tasks to heal someone emotionally.

Dog patches are not compulsory, but offer a lot of convenience because they alert others from distracting a dog performing its job. There are some norms to be followed and you could always verify if there are any such regulations in your region.

A word of caution– it is important to not fake your pet as a service or a therapy dog. It is a fraudulent practice and such false alerts can cause harm than provide any convenience. A service or a therapy dog undergoes rigorous training, which is so different from what a regular mutt goes through and will only lead to unnecessary legal hassles.


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