Why do people still prefer hardware synths?

We have seen a lot of advancements in the synthesizers. In spite of all that technology has given us people still prefer hardware synthesizers in a lot of instances.

  1. You know exactly what to expect:

With the digital synthesizers the results are all the outcomes of the electronic circuits and the program fed. But with hardware synthesizer every single component in the synthesizer has a role to play. So if you know your synth well you would know exactly what you can expect from the synth.

  1. The sound!

Hardware synthesizers are still chosen mainly for the sound they deliver. The crude form of sound the true hardware character to the sound are totally irreplaceable. In an analog synth the waveform specific to the sound being processed is exactly tuned the way one pictures it. This doesn’t happen based on converting the music to data to be processed as with the digital synths. The sound is also known to have its power which is slightly better than that obtained in a digital synth.

  1. Controls:

People still feel that the controls on the hardware synths are easier mainly because of the reason that each control comes with a preset well known outcome. This makes it easy to customize the music being fed. The digital synths are a little more difficult to fully comprehend. With the analog synth there are a lot of controls. So every minute aspect of the sound can be tweaked to suit your style.

  1. The looks:

And finally one cannot deny the fact that the rustic charm the analog synths hold is still not lost. Digital synths all look modern and sleek. But the classy looks of the analog synths, the vintage feel they have to them still give a good feel. Not to forget the easy to use knobs on them!

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