My Secret Fetish Buying Habit

Let me reveal a secret here. I have a fetish for buying things and I absolutely love buying sex toys! What’s not to love about sex toys? They are interesting, adventurous and totally spice up your life. To add to that, there are so many varieties that I often end up feeling buying way more than I actually need.

My Recent Sex Toy Shopping

  1. Candy Heart Butt Plug

Would you believe me! If I told you that I have actually experimented with a very naughty- looking candy heart butt plug? This set of butt plugs arrived in a pack of 3 and each plug had a unique and kinky message for my partner.

  1. Horse Tail Butt Plug

How I love to be my boy’s cowboy girl and ride him from dusk to dawn! Before you raise your eyebrows, take one look at my pink and silky horse tail butt plug and you would completely agree with my statement. There is a different kind of fun in riding your partner with a butt plug shaped like a horse’s tail. It actually gives you the feeling of riding something or being ridden.

The silky horsetail either tickles my thighs or whips against my butt gently and leaves me in a puddle.

  1. Silicone Butt Plug

This was one of my first buys but I have been adding different varieties of the plain old silicone butt plug and trust me when I tell you that it still holds a special place in our bedroom games. One of the starter kits had two different sizes. The smaller size is for beginners while the larger one is for people like me who have advanced in these games.

I might never overcome my fetish and you can blame the varieties of butt plugs that Love Plugs has to offer.

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