Next Sofa Trends for The New Year

Sofas are not just for sitting in and relaxing in front of the TV. The sofa in your room can set the mood for the entire house and showcase your sense of style and your taste. Though these are staple pieces of furniture, people do not change them too often.

If you are planning to change your sofa this year, you should check a few home décor websites before you decide on a particular piece or a theme. This is my favorite website on home décor and I can get the latest trends and ideas to decorate my house. With a number of items being introduced frequently, it is difficult to keep up with the changing trend, unless you have a reliable source of information.

Sofa Trends

Here are a few sofa trends to expect for the next year:


The color of the sofa sets the tone for the room. Since, this is the biggest piece of furniture in the room, it attracts the attention when, one steps into the room. The coming year is expected to see a lot of earthy tones. This has widened the color palette from the limited number of light shades previously.

Different shades of browns and reds, rust, and even green is expected to dominate the sofa color options this coming year.


Organic is not limited to just the food we eat. Today, people are getting more conscious and want to get closer to nature. As a result, more organic materials are being used in furniture. One will see a shift from synthetics to more organic materials like cotton, jute, etc.

Not only does this bring back the traditional styles but with the changing weather conditions. They will be more comfortable to sit in too. These materials do not irritate the skin and makes one feel “cool”.

Dark Wood

Along with earthy tones, dark wood makes a comeback. Sofa frames can be seen in dark wood like rosewood, walnut, etc.

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