How I Chose my First Electric Guitar

When you have passion towards an instrument like guitar, no procrastination will work out and you will end up buying a guitar and start learning it too! Love for guitar and music just grows with each passing day, and remember Phoebe in Friends and how she learnt it all herself? With passion and determination together in the right mix, no dish that comes out could taste bad! I started off by learning the chords on my own initially. For me, the most difficult part was choosing a guitar as I had some basic constraints. Once you buy your first electric guitar, there is no looking back!

You need to know how a basic guitar works and what will work for you before you plan on buying an electric guitar and this is where reviews from marshall jvm410h will work. When you actually step into a store to buy a guitar, some points will help you in choosing the best –

  • Look for the scale length: Check the guitar for its length and see how comfortable you will be with the position and your finger placements. You have to look at different brands as each have their own scale lengths.
  • Intonation: the most common thing you need to check is the intonation of the guitar and how you feel about it. You can always change the amp if you do not specially like the tone.
  • See how the neck works for you: Not all necks will be suitable when you hold it in your hands. It is important to feel and see how different necks work on your hands.
  • Check the Bridge: It is important you examine and check the bridge before you plan to invest on the guitar. Every guitar string needs to be felt before you plan to buy!

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