SEO and Internet Marketing: Analysing the Difference

SEO and Internet Marketing: Analysing the Difference

If we talk about Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing, it would not be wrong to state that the two are completely similar platforms. However, the overall motive of both these platforms is definitely to work together and offer superior benefits to a growing organisation on the Internet. There are some users who often mix these two terms and consider them to be equal, but the fact is that both of them offer different services. Therefore, it’s significant to realise that if a companyconcentrates more on one of these platformsas compared to the other, then it doesn’t offer any advantage to the firm’s success or its campaign run online.

Let’s understand the main difference between these two platforms.

What is SEO?

The prime motive of Search Engine Optimization is to raise the ranking of a company’s website to the top of the first link appearing on the search engine. As the ranking of a page majorly relies on the SEO, it becomes important for a company to write blogs and other materials in a way that they use correct and relevant keywords in it.

Whenever a user appreciates a particular article by liking it or sharing it on Twitter, it has a direct impact on the ranking of the page in search results. This is the reason why more and more blogs regarding the business are shared online so that it reaches out maximum number of people and in return, they get captivated to like the write-up. This, as a whole, works as a great marketing tool.

What is Internet marketing?

Among these two, Internet marketing is that system which has more of a human aspect to it. This platform mainly focuses on interacting with the customers via article, video as well as social media marketing. Using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, companies get to reach out to their existing and potential customers and spread the message the way they want to. This has a major impact in boosting the sales of a business.

No matter which amongst the two you prefer, the point to remember here is that an adequate blend of these two has yieldedresults that speak for themselves. You too can adapt them and use them in a highly fruitful manner.

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