Some Basic Information On Binoculars

Most people want to view nature as a camera does. They like to zoom in and enjoy the beauty of birds, sky, and animals using binoculars. Binocular or field glasses are two telescopes placed side by side allowing the viewers to use both eyes while viewing distant objects. The size varies from opera glasses to military models.

Technical info about binocular

It can be called as an improvement of the telescope. They consist of a pair of prism and lenses. A pair of Prism is used to invert the image and provide the original view of the object and the lenses are used to view the object close and bigger. There is two type of lenses used here. One is the convex lens and the other is the objective lens. While the objective lens helps in getting a closer view of the object, magnifying lens helps to view the object larger in size.

Object focusing

There are two different adjustments namely independent focusing and central focusing to let us focus the object properly.

  • Independent focusing arrangement of the binocular helps each telescope to be focussed independently by adjusting the eye piece. Such types are used by the military.
  • Central focusing arrangement lets both the telescopes to be adjusted together for a better view.

These can be used by both people who wear specs and who do not wear specs. It is not necessary for people to wear their eyeglasses. They can just zoom into the object without using specs. This can be done by adjusting the focus according to their vision. Some of them have adjustable magnification such that they can zoom in and see a distant image with clarity. This can be done by simply moving zoom in the lever. Though it is said that a person can view object without specs, if a person suffers from severe astigmatism then he or she has to wear their glasses while using one.

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