Your Guide To Cook Oil-Free Turkey This Season

Whenever we think of the wonderful festival of Thanksgiving, the first thing that strikes our mind is a well-cooked and delicious-looking turkey. Though we all love to cook our turkey by dipping it deep in boiling oil, not many of us are aware of the fact that it is not the best technique to cook it. But thanks to technology, we now have a brilliant method to prepare turkey without adding a single drop of fattening and unhealthy oil into it. This is nothing but infrared coils present in some of the fryers.

Infrared coils: How they work

These coils have the capability of preparing turkey as efficiently as the authentic deep-frying technique. Many experts as well as reviewers have stated that the outcome of using such fryers is incredible. The turkey gets prepared within two hours as compared to four to six hours taken during the normal deep-frying method. It turns out to be properly browned and crispy, with the meat being aptly cooked, soft, and flavoursome.

The infrared coils present in these fryers move around the main source of heat and distribute it uniformly. This keeps the whole system of preparing the turkey more steady and safe as there is no boiling oil involved in the entire process. However, a propane tank is still required in such fryers. The prime drawback of using such sources for preparing turkey without using oil is that the meat turns out to be comparatively harder as compared to what it would have been had it been cooked in an oven. The lower temperature as well as lengthier roasting period in the oven allows the breakdown of the meat, thus making it soft. So, be prepared to be served with a comparatively tougher meet if you decide to prepare this year’s turkey without using oil.

Keeping these points in mind, if in the end you get a turkey that meets your expectations very well and tastes amazing anyway, you have totally won the battle. You certainly saved a lot of time and efforts to cook the turkey and in addition to that, a lot of calories too. Bring home infrared fryers right away and ensure to fry your turkey without oil to celebrate your favorite occasions in a unique way.

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